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Wayne Rooney

Player age: 25

Weekly wages: 250,000

Player value: 46,000,000

Red cards: Cheating on wife with various prostitutes

Wayne Rooney is considered to be one of the worlds best footballers, at only 16 he played his first premier league game for Everton and he has grown as a player ever since, with interest from Barcalona and Real Madird it’s no wonder why he is valued at 46,000,000.

However a recent lack of form due to what most say nervs and a disrupted rutine due to affairs you have to begin to wonder if he is worth his wages (a record 250,000 a week)!

Rooney signed for Manchester United after an impressive European cup display for England, he has since scored 26 goals internationaly and 137 for Manchester United.

This goal still reminds peolpe of why Rooney is one of the biggest strike threats in the world! A goal that sealed the win for Manchester United over rivals Manchester City.


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