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Cristiano Ronaldo

Player age: 25

Weekly wages: 183,000 + 25% every year in contract

Player value: 80,000,000

Golden boots: UEFA EURO All-Star Team:1 FIF-Pro special young player of the year: 2Portugese footballer of the year: 1 UEFE Team of the year: 5 FIF-Pro World XI: 4PFA Young Player of the Year: 1 PFA Premier League Team of the Year: 4 Barclays Player of the Season: 2 Premier League Golden Boot: 1 UEFA Champions League Top Scorer: 1 UEFA Club Footballer of the Year: 1 FIF-Pro World Player of the Year: 1 FIFA World Player of the Year: 1

Christano Ronaldo is probably one of the most decorated footballers in the world…ever! Bought for a record £80,000,000 from Manchester United by Real Madrid, he has become one the worlds highest paid footballers; by the last year of his contract he will be earning a staggering 500,000 a week.

To justify this Ronaldo has one numerous awards and seems to score a goal almost every game, so far in the La Liga 2010-2011 campaign he has appeared 70 times to score a mind-blowing 67 goals!

With only one blip on his seemingly clean record being a wink in a certain world cup victory between Portugal and England, Ronaldo has shown how all the fame and fortune in the world can and should be handled.


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