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Andy Carroll

Player age: 22

Weekly wages: 60,000

Player value: 35,000,000

Red Cards: Assulted barmaid, Assulted ex-girlfriend, “drug fueled orgy”

Little over a year ago and the name Andy Carroll meant little more than a young battering ram, 12 months on and he’s taking the premiership by storm, attracting top clubs attention as he climbs the goal scoring ranks.

Even as one of England’s hottest footballing prospects, that still doesn’t seem enough; Andy Carroll can wave goodbye his chances of starting any England games for the foreseeable future as recent claims that he has beaten his ex-girlfriend have proved true in a court of law.

As a result in this the towering “toon” was ordered by a magistrate to move in with his club captain Kevin Nolan, which then resulted in a “drug fuelled orgy” allegation.

Is this proof that young footballers struggle to handle the pressure that comes with extreme popularity, fame and fortune?


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